man in massageThank you for considering me for your health and wellness needs.  I entered this field because I believe in the power of massage and its benefits in healing the mind and body.  It is my goal to offer everyone the benefits that massage provides, at rates that are affordable and competitive, while not cutting corners and charging small upgrade fees on the small niceties that can make your experience special and unique.

Each massage session will focus on your physical and spiritual wellness and relaxation, using a combination of Swedish massage techniques, as well as complimentary hot towel treatments. And while firm pressure is used, keep in mind—this is not a deep tissue massage, but an experience focused on full-body and spirit relaxation.

Please check out the other areas of my website for more information about memy services and specials, and my policies and frequently asked questions.

Thank you for visiting.  I look forward to seeing you!

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John Adams CMT, LMT, MBLEx