Online scheduling is now available!

May 26, 2021

With many of us now vaccinated, myself included, I’m comfortable loosening up more restrictions at BODHI. 

Online scheduling is now available!

The system will allow appointments to be scheduled up to 13 weeks out. There are some temporary restrictions in order to give everyone an opportunity to find availability. 

  1. 1. Only two scheduled appointments will be allowed on the calendar at a time. 
  2. 2. Only one of these may be an evening appointment (4:00pm or later).

Those with prescheduled, recurring appointments are exempt from these restrictions. 

Regarding the evening appointment restriction—Evening appointments are extremely limited and highly sought after. They fill up many weeks out, sometimes more than a month. In order for everyone to have a fair shot at an evening spot, only one evening appointment can be on the calendar at a time. 

Regarding late cancellation and rescheduling policies

As I loosen up my scheduling restrictions, I’d also like to remind everyone of my scheduling policies. 

I’ve always been very forgiving of last minute cancellations, even more so during the COVID pandemic. But this is my job and income, after all, so going forward I need to take a firmer stance on this. If COVID has taught small business owners anything, it’s to be more financially conscious.

RE: Last minute cancellations: There will be cancellation fees for changes to scheduled appointments with less than 24 hours notice. Not showing up for an appointment with no notice will result in prepayment for all future sessions. 

RE: Excessive rescheduling: Consistently “pushing out” appointment dates or changing dates excessively—meaning many times per month—will result in prepayment of all future sessions. This habit unnecessarily clogs my schedule with “false” appointments every month and costs me income. While it doesn’t happen frequently, it happens often enough that I need to institute this policy.

Use of CBD Products

Some folks have been helping me test out new CBD massage products from a local company and hemp farm. In the coming weeks I’ll have more information regarding the optional use of them in our routine. I’ve been seeing great results with the test group in major problem areas, like the neck and back, so I look forward to rolling it out as an option to everyone very soon.

Until then, I hope you are able to relax and enjoy time with your family and friends on this upcoming long weekend.

Enjoy the sunshine and I hope to see you soon!