Rates & Services

All prices include applicable Minnesota sales tax.

Area Specific Sessions

Sore lower back? Tight leg muscles? Shoulder or neck pain? These shorter sessions are designed specifically based on your needs, focusing on any individual area(s) you would like specific attention.

30 Minutes

45 Minutes

Full Body Massage Sessions

All full-body sessions include hot towel treatments on your feet and back.

60 Minutes

75 Minutes

90 Minutes

My 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions are ideal for those who want to relax with the full body massage experience. I will customize each visit to address any specific concerns you may be having at the time. Maybe you’re feeling a little extra tension in your neck and shoulders. We’ll modify the massage to focus a little more time to that area. Each massage session is performed to your specific comfort level and needs. And while firm pressure may be used throughout the session, please remember that this is not a deep tissue massage, but an experience focused on full-body and mental relaxation.

Note: I do not offer pregnancy massage services.

There are limitations that could affect your session or force us to cancel without performing the services (pregnancy, sickness, recent surgeries, etc.). If you have any questions about this, please contact me ahead of time, or look at my FAQ page.

All prices include applicable Minnesota sales tax.