A special “Thank You” to those of you who have shared your experiences and recommendations with me to share on this page. Your testimonials are invaluable to me!

“Grand Ave’s best kept secret. You will never feel better after a massage from John!! Thank you for all you do for me!”

Chris R., 4/3/2014 (via Facebook Page)

“Thanks John! I feel so much better! You are wonderful!”

Ellen E., 4/3/2014 (via Facebook Page)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you John…My back feels so much better today, you did such a fantasitc job as usual. Words just cannot describe my how I am feeling today…have a great weekend!”

Teri C., 2/8/2014 (via Facebook Page)

“Possibly the best massage therapist in the twin cities…”

CL, 10/18/2013 (via Facebook Page)

“For weeks I had been complaining about how I needed a massage. I had seen a few crowd cut offers here and there but when I saw John’s come through my inbox- I immediately had to purchase it!

I knew going into this that it would be a great experience! And it was, hands down exactly what I needed. I told John where parts of my body had ached and he worked on them so well with great pressure. I especially loved the hot towels he put on my feet and back.

I was extremely happy with my experience! If you’re looking to get a great massage for an awesome price this is where you need to go.

Alexandra M., 9/3/2012 (via Yelp)

“Before today, it had been years since my shoulder WASN’T in searing pain. Thanks John!”
Kevin S., 8/16/2012

“I had been meaning to check this place out since they opened, since the owner lives in my neighborhood and I see him out and about. I procrastinated until I tweaked my shoulder somehow last week. After a few days of it feeling the same and really being limited in range of motion, I thought I’d go give Bodhi a try.

I’m kicking myself that I waited in the first place!

Great massage and I can tell you that a day later, the shoulder feels great. Also, the massage in general had me daydreaming about a massage in one of those awesome villas in the waters of the Maldives! Great experience, great escape.”

Kareem S., 8/13/2012 (via Yelp)

“I visited John on recommendation after a recent vehicle accident I experienced that resulted in mild whiplash.

I wasn’t one for massage therapy at that point, had never had a professional appointment.  John greeted me at the door, friendly and welcoming.  The preparations were simple, and he was discreet and polite.  The massage itself was wonderful…it hurt a little, of course, considering my problem, but he asked about the pain often; where it was, how intense, always making sure I was comfortable. He figured out the problem, and worked on it. Good pain can be an oxymoron, but here, it’s true. John employs a balance of respect, polite questioning and concern that puts you at complete ease.  When I left, I was a very relaxed man walking down Grand Avenue with an idyllic smile on my face.”

Mark S., 8/2/2012

“Another great massage at BODHI Massage Therapy! I feel fantastic! Great way to start the week!! 🙂 Thanks John!”

Adam S., 7/10/2012